About Texalpha

Overview of TexTRAH

The innate ability of a human being to develop with its surrounding is a key resultant of Darwinism. This capability can be observed quite easily by analyzing the dependence of humans on their intellect to survive in Mother Nature’s bosom. The growth in intellectual capacities has in turn led humans to be dependent more upon their own technological advancement and due which they have started to mismanage their own scientific creations. Hence there has to be systematic management of the data and the technological advancement in one’s life. This personalization of system regulation can lead to an effective medium for transmuting the lagging unorthodox dependence of humans on technology and can enhance every aspect of human life. At TexTRAH we are willing to push the boundaries of intellectual capacities by integrating humans and technology. The systematic management of Human skills and technology at a very personal level has to be done in order to get a better resultant for increasing human productivity. At TexTRAH Technologies we have introduced project Alpha where we are trying to induce software-based online functions in user’s life to simplify their livelihood. Initially Alpha will focus on building the business variable in a user’s life but ultimately at a later stage the data gathered by the real-life neural patterns of an individual will act as a data source for developing an AI that can automatically manage a business on its own with a profitable resultant. This being an initial step towards properly integrating technology with human intellect will require time and effort!