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In words of the Great American inventor Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration” Putting it simply it is not only the idea that makes a person successful, it requires lot of efforts to convert the idea into reality. Of course, many people may not agree to it, but it can be tested by individuals in terms of their ability in springing up ideas, putting them under scrutiny for validation, implementing the chosen ones successively and achieving results through proper execution. Thus becoming genius is a lot of hard work and invoking your creative powers. We must take cue from the great people who are open to innovation and are not overwhelmed by the enormity of the goals. They are also open to failures and have lot of resilience under such circumstances besides the adaptability to try other ways of finding solutions. Creative people are keen observers, curious, inquisitive and possess a deep focus to get into the finest detail of the things they do.

This module would aim at rejuvenating your creative powers by dispelling those doubts that frequent your mind and try to drag you back towards no achievement. It would help you in not succumbing to the obstacles that block the creativity. It would focus on self - exploration, finding imperfections in our own self and coming in terms with our own surrounding. It would discuss, how the creative Consciousness can help in gaining a profound sense of emotion through an innate understanding of Expressionism and Surrealism.

The Course is divided into 5 modules : 

Module 1 : The Journey Transitions : Exploring Creative Consciousnes

Section 2: Module 2 : The Ladder of Abstraction : Deciphering Patterns

Section 3: Visual Balance : Wabi Sabu Your Life

Section 4: Mark Making : Extracting your line

Section 5: The Life Canvas : A Reflective Process


Course handouts, Activities and Certification will be provided after successful completion of the course.

What will you learn
  • The series is aimed at evoking the creative consciousness, finding imperfections in own self and coming in terms of our own surroundings help individuals decipher patterns and be able to map out the journey of their lives.

  • You could be a student, a working professional or simply an enthusiast who wishes to explore abstract expressions in own self and embrace our perfectly perfectly - imperfect self.

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Name : Meghna Joshi
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