English grammar classes for kids


1.I will teach noun and types of Noun

2.I will teach Pronoun and types of Pronoun 

3.I will teach verbs and types of verbs

4.I will teach  adverbs and types of adverbs 

5.I will teach use of Is/Am/Are

6.I will teach use of Has/ Have 

7.I will teach subject verb agreement

8.I will teach parts of speech

9.I will teach adjectives and types of adjectives 

10 I will teach preposition and types of preposition 

11.I will teach conjuction and types of conjuction 

12.I will teach Determiners

13.I will teach Active and Passive voice

14.I will teach Reported speech

15.I will teach Modals

16.I will teach Interjection and types of Interjection 

17.I will teach where to use punctuation marks

18.I will teach Tenses and types of Tenses

19.I will teach Article

20.I will teach Idioms and Phrases

What will you learn
  • grammar English of concepts all learn will UAfter completing my course your all concepts of English grammar will be cleared

  • eraser , notebook , PencilNotebook,pencil,Eraser

About instructor

Name : Sakshi Jain
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