Introduction to Creative Thinking


Being Creative, Innovative and Thinking ‘Out of the Box’ are easier said than done. Accustomed to a volatile business environment, the mind goes into a protective shell and the things that appear so easy gets shackled and put behind thick screens. The frustration of being none of the above three spoils the game further and starts manifesting in your performance which goes into a still deeper abyss! This course intends to navigate you to a more comfortable state of mind by acquiring a top skill called ‘Creativity’. It seeks to kindle a spark in mind to seek different ways of ‘thinking’, questioning the why, when, where, how to think, what not to think for easy and effective decision making.

What will you learn ?

- Creative Introductions

- Thinking in frameworks : Intuition, Sense, Beauty and reflecting through visuals.

- What is Creativity? How can we be creative at workplace?

- Creative Consciousness & Your version of Creativity

- Carving your niche

- Listing our opportunities in your niche

- The Creative Influences Pyramid

- Mindframes : How do you think? 

Course handouts, Activities and Certification will be provided after successful completion of the course.

What will you learn
  • The present workshop aims at awakening the Creative Consciousness and helping the person to become more expressive.

  • This workshop is for anyone who wish to explore different ways of thinking to act as a guide in the increasingly complex, volatile and dynamic business environment for easy and effective decision making. You could be a student, a working professional, or simply an enthusiast who are interested in exploring the process of self exploration and self realisation.

About instructor

Name : Meghna Joshi
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Avinash Naidu - Wed, 17-Nov-2021

Clay Jensen - Wed, 17-Nov-2021

This free course has given insights about creative thinking. Hope this course would give me some creativity.

Varun Kothuri - Thu, 18-Nov-2021

Clay Nahy - Fri, 19-Nov-2021

Thanks for the free course. It's a good one. Will get more into this.

Clay Jensen - Fri, 19-Nov-2021