Introduction to Procreate by Aryan Chachan


In this course, I will teach you how to use Procreate on Apple iPad with ease. By the time the course is over, creating digital illustrations on Procreate will feel natural just like you draw on pen paper or any other software. This course covers tools and gestures you need to successfully use Procreate like a pro as well as start making digital illustrations. This course will be fun, easy and I will give my full support to help you.

I am a full-time illustrator, Procreate as a tool has transformed the way I work. It’s easy and my favourite tool to make art. Since it is available on the iPad, it gives me the freedom to draw from my couch or even while travelling in an aeroplane. Other than that, it removes the barrier and I can undo my mistakes simply by double-tapping. It has a variety of brushes and colours and you can create so much more while using gestures.

In case you have any doubts, reach out to me on mail:

You can explore the work that I have created using procreate on my Instagram. I make concept characters as well as character art of humans.

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  • Procreate
  • iPad
  • Apple Pencil ( Any compatible pencil with iPad )


  1. Introduction
  2. Canvas Setting
  3. Organising the gallery
  4. Canvas Basics
  5. Copy & Paste
  6. Split Screen
  7. Color Picker
  8. Brush Basics
  9. Brush Advanced
  10. Smudge Tool
  11. Layer Basics
  12. Layer Advanced
  13. Coloring
  14. Selection Tool
  15. Transformation Tool
  16. Magic Wand
  17. Clone Tool
  18. Adding text to your art
  19. Quick Shape
  20. Masks & Clipping Mask
  21. Exporting your art
  22. Outro

Good Luck with the course!

What will you learn
  • How to use Procreate Efficiently

  • Learn to use gestures like a third hand

  • Utilising adjustment menu like a pro

  • Procreate
  • Apple Ipad
  • Apple Pencil

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