Invitation to be a Poet ( Poetry in Everyday Life)


Paint a snippet of what is to become and evolve in your heart; says Zahra Shakir.

I a learner, explorer, wanderer, sailer, and painter of words is here to shout out loud, 


One poet is here at  IG. soulstarwrites . Please do have a look at my Instagram page to have a feel of what I write. 

Zahra Shakir is here to only hear YES from ALL as we all can write. If we all can breathe naturally, we all can write naturally too. 

Poetries are something that gets stirred and breeds on our feelings, thoughts, unsaid tales, said vamoose. They live in all our heads, mind, heart, soul and cloud our mental and physical hearts. 

Believe me, when I say this, we are all born pure souls and we all are authors of our life.

We co-create our life along with the creation/creator/universe.

We are earthlings who are blessed with so much beauty that enriches, nurtures, cherishes, and keeps us in alignment with our core self.

We as a team of verbalist ramblers shall write all kinds of poems. We shall choose our words and play with them. This course is just to build a ribcage for us; where we all shall just settle in and set the cord.

In the upcoming live sessions, recording videos, free-flow learnings we shall create poetry out of our daily life and breathe life into our beings.

The mode of learning most likely looks synchronous but can be asynchronous too.

Asynchronous are recorded classes that can be done at an individual pace wherein synchronous classes are live. 

We shall learn how to see our immediate world with a different lens and write various types of poems. 

To name a few

i.   Liners- Monostich, Couplet, Tercet, Quatrain, Cinquain ,Sestet

ii. Visual/ Imagistic / Descriptive

iii. Rhyme and Non Rhyme

iv. Free Verse

v. Haikus

vi. Sonnets

vii. Mirco poetry

viii. Acrostic 

viiii. Free Verse

IX. Prose

X. Much  More

What will you learn
  • Preparatory course in order to explore the potentiality of being a poet for your own eyes.

  • Heart, Mind, Willingness, Thinking Hat, Pen, Pencil, Book, Mobile, laptop and open vision

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Name : Zahra Shakir
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Avinash Tadela - Tue, 16-Nov-2021

Poetry is something we all can relate to. The knowledge I got from this free course is immense. I can not wait to start learning more about poetry.

Avinash Naidu - Wed, 17-Nov-2021

Clay Jensen - Wed, 17-Nov-2021

Varun Kothuri - Thu, 18-Nov-2021

Clay Nahy - Fri, 19-Nov-2021

Clay Jensen - Fri, 19-Nov-2021