Planning Made Creative


Keeping a Visual Journal allows you to express yourselves with several combinations with several combinations of text and visuals and to live with a thoughtful and a more introspective life. Creative journaling in simple words is creative planning that includes art in combination of planning. One can organise his thoughts and can design the entire day with artwork. The entire process will take away the entire burden of the impending task of the upcoming day and will make the person feel more relaxed. 

Creativity may come naturally but requires a lot of practice to keep it alive. Some people have it in plenty whereas others have to make great efforts to get ideas. A Creativity journal will help in maintaining the creativity levels besides problem solving and brainstorming ideas. Others, who find it difficult to generate ideas can practice through the journal and can upgrade their creativity levels. Refining the existing skills and picking up the new skills comes easily when one writes the ideas or practices the drawings in the journal. It also gives you the opportunity to examine your work in retrospect and improve upon your shortcomings. This workshop will include : 

- Mastering the basics

- Unlocking Creative intuition

- Illustration and Inspiration

- Establishing the Heart and Hand connection

- The support beams : blueprinting the heart

- Documenting the life

- What goes in your visual journal

- The personal playground

- Self Reflection

What will you learn
  • Anyone who wants to learn journaling and is interested in probing deeper into their own self to stay focused and set realistic goals

  • Notebook, Pen, Sketch-pens, Scissors

About instructor

Name : Meghna Joshi
Reviews : 5 Reviews
Student : 9 Students
Courses : 5 Courses


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