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Be congruentbe authentic, be your true self.” These sagacious words of Gandhiji provide a key to the success. But do we ever think about what exactly we want in life? If yes, then maybe the first step toward self-discovery has been taken. In the routine of the fast moving life, we tend to lose our talents, personal values, and dreams. The, me in you gets so deeply buried that eventually your personality traits are camouflaged. Canadian author Danielle Laporte says, “Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is.” Thus, it is important to know about your own inner self in an endeavour to uncover the path toward achieving the higher goals. The urge to unearth, ‘Who am I, really?,” can be satisfied through self discovery.

The present course module on Self discovery is designed to support the quest of knowing the true self that may help an individual in realising his true potential. The five inbuilt sub-modules in the course are aimed to ignite the process of self exploration and self realisation. 

The workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn and reflect upon ones true self! You could be a student or a working professional or simply an enthusiast who is interested in exploring the process of self exploration and self realisation.

Module 1 : Self – Discovery

Module 2 : Uncovering your Must

Module 3 : Explore and Play

Module 4 : Focus

Module 5 : Finding and following your passion through self - care

Course handouts, Activities and Certification will be provided after successful completion of the course.

What will you learn
  • In this workshop you will learn and delve into frameworks through which you can amplify curiosity, expand your thinking spectrum and in turn live a creative life. It can help in generating a driving force to facilitate deep thinking for seeding unique ideas. This workshop is for anyone who wish to explore different ways of thinking to act as a guide in the increasingly complex, volatile and dynamic business environment for easy and effective decision making.

  • You could be anyone who wishes to learn and reflect upon ones true self

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